Headaches & Tummy Troubles

Last week, everyone in the family had headaches and/or upset stomachs, including my nephew (Vaughn). (Sorry for the different sized photos, I’ll edit later to make them all the same size!)

Chloe had epigastric pain & headaches.  For the tummy pain, I rubbed a few drops of DigestZen on the upper part of her tummy by her sternum.  She felt better in minutes.  A few hours later, she had the same pain again, so applied more DigestZen.  The pain went away & she hasn’t had any pain since!

Headaches & Tummy Troubles (& More!) by Uniquely Herbal

For her headache, I rubbed Past Tense on her forehead, temples & back of her neck.  I had never used it before & wanted her out of pain as quickly as possible.  I went a bit overboard & rubbed the roller across her head 5 times. In a couple of minutes, she complained of a burning sensation.  I got the fractionated coconut oil out (any coconut oil will do) & rubbed it on her forehead to dilute the Past Tense.  She felt better in a few minutes (burning & headache-wise).  Moral of the story:  Essential oils are really powerful, a little goes a long way!

Vaughn  had a REALLY upset stomach.  We looked after him on Friday.  I put DigestZen all over his tummy & gave him Peppermint Beadlets*

to help.  He was nauseated all the time, especially after eating.  The DZ & Beadlets helped but he still felt poorly when his Mum picked him up in the afternoon.

Headaches & Tummy Troubles (& More!) by Uniquely Herbal

I went away for the weekend & took my oils with me, but he was well enough to go to his Summer program today & yesterday.  I had an upset stomach over the weekend, and rubbed DigestZen into my stomach & drank 1 drop of Peppermint in a half-cup of water.  Voila!  All better.

Headaches & Tummy Troubles (& More!) by Uniquely Herbal

I had some pain in my left leg yesterday, it felt like it was in a vein.  I rubbed 3 drops of Lemon into the painful area & the pain was completely gone in less than 5 minutes & hasn’t come back.

Headaches & Tummy Troubles (& More!) by Uniquely Herbal

I have high blood pressure & tachycardia.  I’ve been using Lavender, Frankincense & Clary sage for these things.  I massage them (mixed with several drops of fractionated coconut oil) into the soles of my feet, wrists, sternum area, over my heart, and on the pulse points on my neck.  My pulse went down 14 points in 15 minutes.

Now it’s time for me to get back to my herbal studies…

*Peppermint Beadlets are not suitable for vegetarians, vegans or those on a Kosher diet.  The Beadlets are made of pork gelatin.  I did not know this before I placed my order. doTERRA offers On Guard Beadlets in veggie gelatin, and are transitioning other products to veggie gelatin/capsules.  I will let you know when Peppermint Beadlet is available in veggie gelatin!

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